• C2M (Concept to Market)
  • I2E (Idea to Enterprise)

If you have an idea for a start-up, but no product, traction or even working prototype, you could still find pre-seed investors and venture capitaliststhat are more than happy to fund your future business endeavour.

As the name implies, Idea to Resources (I2R)is a simple concept of getting the necessary financing for your idea and giving it the push it requires. IDEAx is the best place to take your idea from concept to market.

To make sure you get the necessary resources for your idea, pitching is one of the most studied arts. Being able to do it well, will result in millions of funding while failing to do it properly can cause your business idea to stay where it is.

There are several ways to engineer a pitch. IDEAx is a mediator between the idea provider and idea buyer/investor. Our team supports the seller at every stage of the ideation journey and makes sure to raise as many funds as possible.

From understanding the business model to the value propositions and key metrics, everything is done offline.