Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.

Did you know? There are millions of people looking for your product ideas. Don’t shy away from your ideas, face them and generate revenue instead!

Idearary is a platform to exhibit your ideas for purchase from our prospective idea buyers.Despite popular beliefs, ideas are worth money and there are thousands of people who value unique ideas and concepts and are ready to compensate you at a fair price.

How does Idearary Work?

IDEAx is a marketplace for individuals and organisations who wish to turn an idea into reality. It is a virtual library of ideas for buyers and sellers.

The platform allows you to share your idea, whether big or small, to the online world and social media fanatics, commonly referred to as ‘Idea Media’. The mode not just facilitates buying and selling of idea, but also gives idea sellers/providers the chance to connect and bond with investors, shoppers and prospective idea buyers.

The team at Idearary starts with an extensive research on the user’s idea. We provide idea inventors support at every step and help turn your ideas into business. After ranking your idea, it is submitted to prospective investor.

The submitted product ideas can be offered as:

  • Pre-order
  • Ready to ship
  • I2R (Idea to Resources)

Our team will map the ideas of the idea provider to buyers and connect them in a way that is mutually beneficial.Idearary not just helps you generate revenue from ideas but also gets you the recognition you deserve with our crowdfunding partners, marketplace and wholesale partnership.

Your product idea will no longer fade into obscurity. Now is your time to be connected with investors and start-upsthat appreciate, commercialise and compensate your ideas at a fair price.

To us at IDEAx, every individual and product idea is unique. We value your thought processes and thus create the perfect stage for you to develop and prepare ideas, products and technologies. We give you the opportunity to convert an ordinary idea into something extraordinary, and showcase your skill to those who value it. No matter what subject, topic or theme your idea is based-on, we take your ideas to investors who are interested in them.

We have an in-house team of innovators situated in Varanasi and Gurgaon, India. Using our expertise, we take your figments of imagination from concept to business.

About Idearary Business Model

Our crowdfunding model focuses on giving you the recognition you deserve, translating your idea to create an impact and ultimately getting you paid. Be it product ideas in Home, Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Electronic or anything else, let us help you leverage on it before it goes mainstream.

For every idea that we sell on IDEAx, we offer special royalty points that have monetary value. We not just generate revenue for your idea andraise funds, but help you gain appreciation foryour work from a community.

Our community believes in giving back to idea inventors and appreciating weavers and manufacturers who manufacture it.